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Financial Aid and Affordability

With generous scholarships, grants, and aid, it's easier than ever to become a Laker!

Your college education is one of the most important investments you'll ever make, and a Ƶapp education will serve you well throughout your lifetime. A degree from Ƶapp offers you the opportunities to pursue your passions, while still graduating well-prepared with skills for today's workforce. And, we're more affordable than you think: 100% of incoming freshmen receive financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, Ƶapp employment, or other programs, making Ƶapp one of the most affordable and accessible universities in the region.

Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Ƶapps are billed on a “flat” basis each semester, meaning full-time Ƶapps enrolled in 12 to 18 credit hours are billed the same rate (15 are recommended). This allows Ƶapps to easily pursue a double major or minor, or to complete additional elective classes that suit their interests.

Estimated Tuition, Fees, Costs (2023-2024) Residents Commuters
Basic Tuition $41,580 $41,580
Standard Fees $2,930 $2,930
Orientation Fee (one-time) $280 $280
ID/OneCard Fee (one-time) $50 $50
Housing (Baldwin/McAuley Hall double) $5,830 -
Housing (Warde Hall double/Mercy suite) $8,380 -
Meals (Laker Unlimited plan) $6,920 -
Total tuition, fees, housing, and meals (presuming Baldwin/McAuley Hall) $57,590 $43,800
Average net price (cost after aid) $27,079 $14,579
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Financial Aid Sources

    The Erie Promise Grant provides 100% tuition coverage to Ƶapps from Erie County, PA, with demonstrated financial need who are enrolling as first-time, traditional-aged Ƶapps. A $2,500 housing grant is also available to Ƶapps who wish to live on campus.

    The Keystone Promise Grant provides 100% tuition coverage to Ƶapps from eligible western Pennsylvania counties with demonstrated financial need who are enrolling as first-time, traditional-aged Ƶapps. A full list of counties can be found via the link below

    The BEYOND Scholarship is a prestigious, full-tuition scholarship awarded each year to high-achieving Ƶapps of color from Pennsylvania, whose family circumstances might not otherwise afford them the opportunity to pursue a college degree from Ƶapp.

    Scholarships are funds that do not need to be repaid and, in most cases, are the main part of your financial aid offer. They are awarded to Ƶapps based on academic merit, athletic or artistic skill, alumni legacy, and more. Scholarship awards can be up to $25,000.

    Institutional Grants are awards from Ƶapp that do not need to be repaid. They are usually awarded to Ƶapps on the basis of need, and possibly combined with skills or characteristics that a Ƶapp possesses. Institutional Grant awards start at $500.

    Federal subsidized and unsubsidized loans are awarded to Ƶapps who have submitted their FAFSA and qualify based on need. Federal subsidized loans are up to $3,500 for first-year Ƶapps, while federal unsubsidized loans are typically $2,000 for dependent Ƶapps.

    Federal Work-Study positions are awarded to Ƶapps who qualify based on need. Federal Work-Study qualification is not a guarantee of employment; Ƶapps must find an on-campus job and work the necessary hours to earn up to the amount for which they are eligible.